Fire And Ice By Robert Frost

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There is more than a million poems in the world it seems that are written by Robert Frost, but the most interesting is his Fire and Ice Poem. While reading poetry is not a strong point for some people poetry can open up a whole new world of ideas within a few short sentences no matter how big or small the poem is. Fire and Ice by Robert Frost seems to want to tell the reader how the world might end which mostly true but on the other hand the poem bring out a whole other meaning to just how presses your life can be either it’s good or bad. This poem for many like myself will inurrpret its meaning by basically thinking that’s it’s about the end of the world will end which is true to the meaning of the poem, but the meaning of the poem seems to tell me that if there is so much hate in the world then everything that coincides with hate like love is basically the same thing which will bring about the end of the world in the same manner unlike how hate can destroy the world love could also destroy the world much like how hate and love can also destroy a family apart. “For what I’ve tasted of desire I favor those who favor fire”(Frost) This line in the poem pictures a world that could end in fire because of hate much like how a family can be ripped apart from hate. Since from the time the memory starts children hear and see everything ad they do remember but when it comes time later in life to finally see why you believe in this in the first place it all goes back to that first
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