Fire Arms: The Foundation of Our Country

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The United States has had a gun culture since the start of our country. Our country was founded around guns. We won the American Revolution with personal owned firearms, and they protected us while we explored the new land. They helped provide food in the early times of our country. They were necessary, and still are. Our founding fathers made sure that we, Americans, had the right to bear arms. Today some people want to take that right away, and they should not be allowed to. Firearms in present times protect us from criminals and provide sport. People still hunt using guns, and some people compete in marksmanship competitions on shooting ranges. Furthermore, if guns were made illegal only the criminals would have them. Its not the guns that are evil, its the person pulling the trigger with a bad purpose. Most people who use guns to do bad things are running from the law. So if guns were illegal, what would that make the people who have the guns? Criminals? They already are, and they would be the only people with guns. Therefore, it would make it easier for them to commit their crime, as no one else would have a gun for protection. According to the website, Gun Control - Just Facts, 67% of gun owners own their guns so they have protection against the people who would pull the trigger with evil in their hearts, because the people who have taken refuge with revenge and anger don’t care about the law or the people they hurt. The mood is different at a
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