Fire Ground Exercises At The Fire Service Area

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I contemplate one of the most important training items in the fire service area that we need to focus on is authentic fire ground exercises. Fire ground training are drills that reflect real-time circumstances on the emergency scene. Our training needs to focus towards our daily tasks, teamwork and most of all teamwork on the emergency scene. Furthermore, in the past quite a few of my training drills came from the International Fire Service Training Association manual or similar resources. While I do believe these sequenced, systematic drills remain, tremendously valuable in foundation training to establish baseline competency. Likewise, consider that real life situations do not always follow training manuals. The purpose of the drills is to assure that a firefighter is capable of accomplishing an assigned task in the firefighting profession. Proving that a firefighter is competent in their performance is very important in establishing baseline competencies for our firefighters. However, individualized drills are important; on an actual emergency scene we do not function individually, we function as a team. There is more to the job than gripping a hose line, dragging it to the front door, charging the hose line, bleeding the air from the hose line and entering the structure. Sometimes we may pull that hose line to the door and have to do another task, which could be help acquiring a water supply, prior to entering the structure. In the real world of firefighting,

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