Fire Marketing Case Study

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The Whistler Township Volunteer Fire Department is finding itself with an increasing amount of tasks to do, but fewer people to accomplish those tasks. Nolen Fenwick has been charged with the task of recruiting new volunteer firefighters by setting up a new marketing plan.
I believe Nolan Should focus his marketing plan on gaining new recruits. His promotion objectives should include all three of the basic promotion objectives: informing, persuading, and reminding.1 He should take the three promotion objectives and implement them into the AIDA Model; which includes getting attention, holding interest, arousing desire, and obtaining action. Nolan should especially focus on Informing, also known as getting attention to and holding the interest
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He should start a blog because most of the community is unaware of who the firefighters are and what they are doing. A blog will give him the opportunity to share different stories telling the community what the firefighters are doing for them, what they are all about, and why they should join the department.3 The blog would humanize the firefighters to the community by showing a personal side to volunteering.4 Also, he should make a Facebook page to use as publicity for any Sales promotion activities, such as the four annual fund-raising events the fire department hosts. Nolan should set up a Facebook page because it is free promotion.5 Lastly, he should create a booth and set it up at local events. The booth will create opportunities to talk to his target market, and to answer any questions that they may have about volunteering. Most towns will host several community events a year setting you up for multiple opportunities to communicate to the community, receivers, through the booth, source. The booth can also be set up at the fire departments own fund-raising events, keeping the cost of advertising
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