Fire Protection Challenges

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Fire Protection Challenge Fire and Explosion Engineering – SSE 607 Professor John Davis July 29, 2013 Fire Protection Challenges Fire protection challenges for a city within a city had been the major issue in every jurisdiction. For example in Las Vegas, the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino’s expansion dealt with greater challenge with improving on fire protection and evacuation plans in case of any major fire disaster. Several fire protection issues arisen during the constructions where the following: Compartmentation, separation of buildings and occupancies. Moving and evacuating large numbers of customers and staff to accommodate them in the assembly areas. Designing and installing of…show more content…
Lastly, the law required installation of fire sprinklers systems on public occupancy and building within the echelon of 150 or more with the exception of religious places that had existing mounted alarm structure. The biggest contribution of this fire disaster was the ignition of the pyrotechnics in the backstage and the uneducated patrons on the band 's act or presentation. Some of the decisions making with problems were minor for example of assistance of untrained staff, delay of egress process, non-existing fire sprinkler systems in the building, inadequate exit fire doors and over the maximum limit capacity inside the building. If all these major and minor corrective actions were implemented before the show, then this tragedy is nowhere to be at reported. However, the next article on the World Trade Center (WTC) terrorist bomb attack in 1993, the fire prevention system suppressed the damage caused by explosion but the evacuation path was not followed correctly due to panic and unfamiliar of the evacuation route. NFPA studied the incident and developed training to all major cities in the preparation management of facility and improvement of proper emergency evacuation planning. The plan was among the most effective procedure during the second WTC terrorist attack. The evacuations
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