Fire Safety Engineering Technology Degree

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As a kid I looked up to my twin brothers, Sandy and Randy, who were 19 years older than me. When I was around 13 years old, I started tagging along with my brother, Sandy, who was a volunteer firefighter. I loved running calls with Sandy, and knew that I would be a firefighter when I grew up. I will never forget the time I went to a house fire with my brother. It was like yesterday. The fire pager went off. Sandy turned on his red light, and we took off in his truck. Before I knew it, we pulled up to a house with fire shooting out the first floor window, and Sandy went to work as a firefighter. That was it. From that point on, I knew I would be a firefighter.
As a student in middle and high school, I struggled with ADHD. Those struggles made me doubt myself when it came to academics. After trying for four years, I finally became a Charlotte Firefighter when I was 22 years old and recently engaged to my fiance. I knew that this was my chosen profession, but I also realized that to advance in it, I would have to face my academic fears.
What makes the man I am today ready for the academic challenges I so struggled with as a kid? There are two reasons I am ready to undertake UNCC’s Fire Safety Engineering Technology degree: First, I am in the profession I fell in love with as a kid; in other words I love being a firefighter so learning how to do
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My first passion, firefighting, helped me to set my first goal, which took four years to achieve, becoming a Charlotte Firefighter. My second passion, my wife and my sons, have motivated me to set new goals that center around providing for my family and setting an example for my sons. With these goals in mind, I have earned an Associate’s degree in Fire Science from CPCC. Now, I am ready to pursue my next goal: a Bachelor’s degree from UNCC in Fire Safety Engineering Technology. I hope you can see that I am ready for this challenge and would be an asset to the UNCC
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