Fire and Ice Robert Frost Commentary

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‘Fire and Ice’ - Robert Frost
In the poem ‘Fire and Ice’ Robert Frost explains how the world will end by either fire or ice. The poet uses these two primal elements to serve as a metaphor for the destructive powers of the universal human emotions. ‘Desire’ which he associates with fire, and ‘hate’ which he associates with ice. The poet uses the first person singular and concludes that from personal experience he sides with the people who believe the world will end in fire. But, after analysing his experience with hate, he concludes that ice would be equally as destructive. Frost effectively communicates the central focus of the poem which is how desire and hate are
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This is quite a contrast as the poet is describing two unique emotions with such lack of emotional/descriptive words. The poet uses this technique to effectively convey how people undermine the destructive powers of the human emotion, people think that the world may end in a nuclear winter/ice age (ice) or global warming/incinerate (fire) but ignore the realities of how excessive desire and hate can ultimately lead to destruction.
The straight forward tone is demonstrated in the first line where the poet uses the word ‘some’ to explain the different views on the demise of the world. ‘Some’ is a very vague and generalised word and Frost also uses this to portray the lack of knowledge people have about the true powers of the human emotions. In addition, the poet uses the word ‘suffice’ to end in the poem in an ambiguous and powerful way. This particular word indicates the narrator’s opinion that the word ending in ice would also be enough. The fact that this word is very casual and generalised not only demonstrates how both emotions are equally as destructive as one another, but also how the end of the world will always be a mystery. No one will ever know because maybe it is that people do not realise enough the murderous consequences of human emotions.
Furthermore, Frost is very clever in that he uses powerful descriptions of the elements ‘fire’ and ‘ice’ to help emphasise the destructive traits of desire

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