Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

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Critical Question: Is there a theme to the poem “Fire and Ice” that many can still relate to today? The popular poem “Fire and Ice”, was written in in 1920. This poem was very controversial when it was first published. This poem seems to deal with the question “How will the world end?” Many scientists have different opinions on not only when the world will end, but more specifically how it will end. This poem implies that when dealing with the end of the world, it will end in one of two ways; in fire or in ice. Nearly 100 years later, this topic is still discussed today. When reading this poem written by Robert Frost, many only take into consideration the literal meaning of his words, and do not take the time to analyze the meaning behind them. Just as the topic of the world ending is still discussed today, the meaning behind the words of this poem create an interesting conversation in today’s society as well. What was truly meant by Frost’s poem “Fire and Ice?” Was it written with only science in mind? Or, is there further meaning behind the text that many can relate to today? This poem is a prime example of Frost’s talent as a writer. Although it is only nine lines long, Frost is able to portray great meaning in those short nine lines. Frost expresses the idea of different personalities and shows symbolism for relationships in this poem. Frost’s poem means so much more than deciding how the world will end. Frost suggests that you can tell one's personality by
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