Fire and Ribena: A Hermit Teenager´s View on Life

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Age: 12 I’d hit that age where I never, ever, wanted to go outside – ever. I sat in my room all day, with books piled precariously on one side of me, with my music blaring solid rock bands, with the TV on mute playing some comedy while on my laptop trying to beat my high score on the game I had been obsessed with for weeks which the half dozen friends called the shittist crap they had ever seen in their bloody lives. Ok, so maybe on Isabelle said that, but the others might as well have told me the same thing. Aline said it was unhealthy to play a game that long, Alec said that he’d seen better graphics on an LG, Magnus hadn’t even tried to hide his distaste by trying to block the page with his hacking skills, Jordan had gone as far as to buy me a whole new game to fawn over which was right now under my bed and Helen hadn’t offered up anything at all. Everybody else, was like me, stuck in their rooms, watching TV, listening to music and playing games but had decided that even texting someone would be classed as talking and had blocked everybody while they wrote new chapters for their successful fanfiction and posted something on a social media site they were famous on. So when my mum came in and opened the curtains (prompting a cloud of dust to billow up into the room and giving us both mini coughing fits) I hissed and tried to hide under the covers I hadn’t left in twelve hours. She told me that if I didn’t get up in the next thirty minutes then she would just drag me to

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