Firearms and Their Consequences

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The answer of this question should spark such a reaction that it would make it impossible to remain neutral. And as such the world should ask the land that claims to be home of the brave; being the United States of America, what it’s stance is on gun control. Because the land of opportunity can no longer say yes to unrestricted gun sales and no the safety of its innocents; or should only the gun owners dictate the laws in the land of opportunity. America needs to enforce gun restrictions to save the lives of innocent people. To long has it allowed its own civilians to dictate the worth of the life of an innocent. Should the general consensus be to hold life to the highest value? Is it not unfathomable to allow convenience to trump safety?
Sometimes the only unbiased facts that can be stated are numbers, and here is some. Twelve, six, twenty, and six; sure that those numbers are not significant individually but further explanation the significance will deepen the meaning of each of numbers of these Massacres that occurred from July to December of the same year. Twelve was the number of lives ended in July in Colorado of 2012, and no this was not a fight, heated argument or anything even remotely close to that which statistically speaking is the leading cause for gun violence. Under those circumstances a shooting could be understandable; but this was a movie premier in Colorado where innocents lost their lives…

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