Fireball Key Quotes

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Chapter Nineteen Revenge is a Fireball Best Tossed Hot The soon-to-be king crashed through the branches like a wrecking ball. “You’re late,” he said, looking up. His eyes were those of a leopard, yellowish-green with dark vertical slit pupils, and they were not amused. “Good afternoon to you too, sour-puss.” Cotton clicked his clogs together twice. “We would have been here an hour ago if the creepazoid in the silver suit hadn’t held us up.” “Hush, gnome,” his voice boomed, silencing everything in the rocky hills right down to the last bird in the hedge. His diamond-dusted cloak shimmered with power. Black sand swirled around his feet as if the elements themselves had no doubt, who was in charge. “The Kingdom of Sirethiel will belong to its…show more content…
This time, the fireball hit Thorn in the chest. “I’m mel-ting-g-g,” He wobbled. “Farewell fine forest. Farewell.” “Typical troll hooey.” Cotton rolled his eyes. “He always has to be so melodramatic and over the top.” The troll’s knees buckled. Then he crumbled into a pile of pale brown dust that slowly slipped between the cracks in the marble floor. The forest darkened. Splits appeared in the dirt. Trees turned and bowed. A thick dreary haze dissolved the undergrowth and greenery and caved in the dastardly castle. Soon there was nothing left but ruins and an incensed gloom under a starless sky. Orrin stood over me, looking grim and tired. His eyes narrowed, and his long cloak rustled in the breeze. All the dwarfs and dark birds were gone. Mason leaned against a collapsed column with Cotton, who was sitting on the troll’s mangled throne. Isabel hovered next to him, looking quite smug, after letting fly so many balls of fire. The dragon shifted through the mayhem listlessly. “I have to go and search for my brother.” He took a breath—as if he were about to say something else—and then turned and lumbered off through the gloom in the direction of Shadow
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