Firefighter Death Research Paper

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11. In Amherstview, Ontario, a life of a firefighter has passed away in a terrible fire accident. As a 45 year old man gets caught in a fire in his apartment a firefighter goes in his building hoping to get him out. The firefighters in Ontario have stated “the blackest smoke, I’ve ever seen.” as The firefighter going into the apartment room barely being able to see has trouble coming out. This time the smoke and fire beat the firefighter. Like honestly after the fire and when the smoke cleared out, the outside view of that apartment room was totally packed. It looked like a wall spray painted in black. This news happened to interest me because it was incredible how…show more content…
Also known as the Zika virus, is now spreading into 2 species in many parts of Brazil. Researchers in Brazil have stated that out of 500 mosquitos, 450 mosquitos are contained with this insane virus we all call, “Zika Virus.” This disease is really shocking to the world since the Summer Olympic Games are happening and many countries, especially from the United States because most athletes are scared that they might bring home the virus and spread it in their nations or it's just painful to have it when you're in a country that is nowhere home.The reason why I picked this current events is that this virus has been going around for quite a while now and it's still amazing how a small mosquito can end up killing a person in many ways. It's also shocking when you hear an athlete who has a chance to win a gold medal for their country, but they are denying it because of their health issues and the future consequences that could happen. Remember that the Olympic is only every 4 years, so it has been a long time for them to train and not being able to go is a shame, but also its for their own health conditions, not what citizens want to see, a guy with a virus coming home. This “Zika Virus” has no end to it yet because there is no cure yet to be found and there has not been a human trail yet done to fix this
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