Firefighters: A Career In Law Enforcement

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“Campbell” I heard yelled from across the street, directed at my partner. It was from our friend from the days when we all used to be firefighters. We were there working a case, as there was a fire across the street. “I see you went back to ‘the hose’”- (as we would call it) I yelled back, and he said yeah, he liked saving people that way more. There are great advantages of each he said, but nothing will bring him to the joy he reaches quite like seeing a mother reconnect with her child that was stuck in a fire. There are risks of both as well, there is no telling whether you’ll even go home, on any given night. So although these topics may seem quite different, they are actually a lot apart.

One thing that I find to be really different, is how you actually save people. Police officers walk around, typically with a gun in holster, as firefighters normally walk around with 100lbs+ of equipment to help them survive the fire. Police officers wear about 30-50lbs+ worth of body armor, to allow them to survive and have the most minimal injuries from anyone wielding any sort of weapon. Some police officers attempt to be intimidating and deal with human threats. Firefighters, rather, save people (and other living things)
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I much prefer the branch leaning towards police officers. It just makes more sense to me. Neither one is better or worse than the other, but it truly makes sense to me to take that path. There’s more room to help, rather if people notice or not. The sole purpose of police doesn’t seem to be for safety anymore, as there have been killings and ticketing for “unjust” reasons. The purpose of firefighters has always seemed to stay the same in people’s eyes- safety and fighting fires. I believe the differences and similarities between the two should be known by more
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