Firefighters And Fire Code Violations

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Would you be willing to risk your life to go into a burning house to save someone you have never even met before? Firefighters face this possibility every day. The dedication, training, and pride of firefighters makes this career highly respected on many levels. Few people really have the true desire and makeup to be a firefighter, but those who do find the job challenging and rewarding. As a community, we should be grateful for these brave workers and their dedication.
Firefighters have played an important role in the protection of society for a very long time. In 400 BC in Alexandria, Egypt, the first water pump for putting out fires was created. Later, in Rome in 23 BC, Caesar Augustus started the first real firefighting force made up of slaves and military troops. This force was not too effective and did not last long. In 1500 AD, a true fire department was again started in ancient Rome. This force had about 7,000 paid firefighters. They not only fought fires, but also looked for fire code violations.
The 1600’s brought many changes in firefighting. In 1608, the first recorded structure fire in the United States occurred in Jamestown, Virginia. It destroyed most of the colony. This fire showed that firefighters were necessary in the early colonies. In the early 1600’s, most fire companies were volunteers or private. Soon after, insurance companies began paying the firemen that put the fires out. In 1648, Governor Peter Stuyvesant of New York City…
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