Firehouse Luxuries

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Firehouse Luxuries As firefighters, our job is to ensure that everyone is safe in their home during the day and the night. We respond when trouble strikes so that people can hopefully get back to their lives with as little damage as possible. It is an enjoyable job, but the stress can become unreal, especially when we are dealing with a blaze that does not want to be put out. It is after times like this that we venture back to the station to enjoy our own brand of firehouse luxuries. Our Home Away from Home Many of us live above the station. We sleep and eat as a group in our little space above the trucks. It is not an ideal living situation, but it ensures that when trouble comes our way, we are ready for it. Our truck is ready in less time than it takes for us to slide down the pole and reach it. It works better that way. The problem is, it means that we are never very far from the job. We spend a lot of hours waiting and then we spend a lot of time rushing. It becomes exhausting to have to respond within a split second to an emergency that has happened across town. Those middle of the night phone calls are the worst, as well as those blazes that burn so hot that you can feel the skin burn when you walk near it. How We Relax…show more content…
We added a few amenities; a game area complete with table tennis, air hockey, and video games. We also upgraded our showers so they could help us cool off and relax after a hard day of fighting a fire. We searched through many reviews and settled on a double shower head for our showers. After that was purchased and we decided that we should have made that investment much sooner, we also decided that we needed the best shower head speakers we could find. The end result, we almost prefer to be at the station now than to be at
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