Fireproof: Never Leave Your Partner

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Fireproof: Never Leave Your Partner Introduction One should never leave a partner whether it be a firefighter entering a burning building or a man living in a marriage to a woman he chose to be his life time partner. That is the message of this Christian book called Fireproof: Never Leave Your Partner, by Eric Wilson. "Sparks were nice. No doubt about that," Wilson writes (p. 282), using the metaphor of firefighting to make a point about the renewed vows between Catherine, the wife, and Caleb, the firefighting husband. "But these flames between them now burned longer, hotter, richer" (Wilson, 282). This is a book about a firefighter whose marriage is not going well and who considers abandoning his relationship but who realizes as the book progresses that he actually should work to keep the marriage alive. It is a book with a message and a moral: don't give up on the person you love, be loyal to those around you and those who depend on you, and don't let your partner (whether a firefighting colleague or a partner in marriage) go it alone when you should be joined together. Body of the Paper Caleb, a very good firefighter, who takes risks almost every day when fighting fires in his community, is the kind of professional who is good at what he does and who saves lives as a matter of just doing his job. The book uses the image of "flames" to describe the work Caleb does and to describe how love relationships between a man and a woman start, and how those relationship should
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