Fires of Jubilee Pt 4

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Antwan Rowel Mr.Kimbrough History B20a MW 9:35 November 7, 2011 Fires of Jubilee Pt.4 In The Fires of Jubilee Nat Turner's Fierce Rebellion: Stephen Oates gives an account of the brief but deadly slave revolt in and around Southampton, Virginia. His controlling theme is that of religion and the profound influence that it had on the development of Nat Turner's charismatic persona and his rationale for engaging in a project of deliberate murder of people who had at least in the context of slavery as a given of Turner's experience, treated him quite decently. The effects of Nat Turner's rebellion were profound. The insurrection of Nat Turner was inspiration for all slaves, even if just 60 whites were killed to the 140 blacks. I am…show more content…
Books are filled with stories of colonial resistance such as the Boston Tea Party, the burning of effigies, and the Revolutionary War. There are many stories of Daniel Shay's rebellion against the young federal government. Yet one story that receives little attention is the story of Nat Turner's rebellion. This being one of the first rebellions and acts of abolition of slavery you would think that this amazing story would be in every textbook throughout the world. His story is an excellent example of how some slaves fought back and resisted their oppressors. Overall, I was extremely impressed with this work. I think Stephen Oates was truly interested in what he was researching, as this is reflected in the book. He makes important the inhumane treatment and crude conditions that a slave had to endure under their control. His skill as a writer is excellent, and he does a very good job bringing the reader into the story. Oates believes that Nat Turner's rebellion was a critical turning point in American history, especially Southern history. I was especially impressed with his ability to describe what was happening. The detail fills the mind with a well-drawn picture of the scenery, smells, attitudes, and needs of the blacks and whites of this part of the South. Lastly I would say that this book is not only enjoyable, but also an important historical work that is helpful in understanding race relations of the past and

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