Firestone : A Recall Revisited

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Case 8-3 Firestone: A Recall Revisited
There had been more than 200 deaths in Ford Explorer rollovers by November 2011. The reason was believed to be the faulty tires which was supplied by Ford’s main supplier, Bridgestone/ Firestone. The first ones to witness those tragedies were the consumers, via videotapes and still images. They didn’t know who they should point fingers at, but there were ample lawsuits and investigations.
What happened in August 2000 was not the first crisis involving Ford Motor Company and their main tires suppliers, Firestone; but it was the largest recall in the company’s history. There were 6.5 million tires were voluntary recalled by Bridgestone/ Firestone. After the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed the list of tires that needed to be recall and the reason which caused the rollovers, nobody admitted it was their fault. Ford blamed it on Firestone; while Firestone said it was due to its employees in Illinois.
Nobody was willing to stand on the consumers’ side. The situation grew so bad that, in September 2000, Firestone’s public relations firm Fleishman-Hillard quit because it could not make any change. Firestone chose a new public relations, Ketchum.
Despite of the NHTSA’s extensive list, Bridgestone/ Firestone recalled only the 15-inch tires and offered free inspections. They kept bargaining with the customers whom they failed to serve. For example, Bridgestone said it would not reimburse for customers who exchanged…
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