Firestone 's An Civil War

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Firestone, a tire production company, who owns a base in Liberia got into a predicament on morality issues. The controversy was over whether or not it was right to continue deploying their workers to Liberia after war crimes were committed there. During the time Firestone started up its operation of rubber collecting in Liberia, an ongoing civil war between a rebel force led by Charles Taylor and the Liberian president at the time, Samuel Doe, interfered with their operation. At first the company had withdrawn from the crossfire of the war, but soon realized they needed to return due to Firestone’s financial decline. When returning, the tire company had to work under Taylor’s stringent rules that resulted in issues such as the safety of their workers at the Firestone plantation and the exploitation of workers. The problem with this was that Firestone’s primary intention was to return and make a profit, not taking the lives and opinions of their workers into consideration. Firestone 's action was immoral leading to accepting the abuse and exploitation of their workers on the necessity of making a profit. Firestone’s decision to return back to Liberia after leaving it for the first time was an iniquitous move on their behalf. Not only did they work under Taylor’s imposed rules leading to cruel treatment of their workers, but had also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Taylor. This agreement allowed for Firestone to work in Liberia but in a secret business partnership

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