Firewalking Research Paper

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Look up “firewalking” on the Internet. See if you can find organizations that offer firewalking training, and also see if you can find sites that explain how firewalking is possible. Describe what you find
Firewalking is defined as, “the practice of walking barefoot over something such as hot stones or wood ashes, often as part of a traditional ceremony (Oxford dictionaries).” Instead of taking quiet walks on sidewalks people have taken to walking on coals to “find themselves” or try a new experience. When I researched firewalk on the internet there were countless websites offering fire walking lessons, or workshops that help an individual find happiness. People have even gone as far as to create a fire walking institute of research and education.
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It was used as a rite of passage or a test of an individual’s strength and courage. Some religions such as, the Eastern Orthodox Christian used this technique as a test of one’s faith. So how does firewalking work? According to the article on the university of Pittsburg page, firewalking is possible if the bottom of a person’s feet is wet. The feet will absorb little heat because the charcoals are poor conductors. This is similar to the explanation in chapter 2 Atoms and Heat. The Leidenfrost effect explains how “the water vapor from the sweat on the individual’s foot penetrates into the hot coals and prevents much hotter gases from reaching the feet”. With the creation of firewalking retreats individuals can now get their feet wet and take a scroll on hot coals to find their inner peace and
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