Firewall Security Policy : Pathways Industries

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Firewall Security Policy Pathways Industries Security Policy Pathways Industries defines its Security Policies based on the risk assessment performed for the security of its assets, partners, and clients to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of data. Compliance to these security policies by Pathways Industries personnel is mandatory. Any breech of these policies could lead to disciplinary measures up to and including separation from the company. Pathways Industries will provide training on these policies on a regular basis to all employees to the extent of which is necessary to complete the individual tasks of the employee’s position. Policy Overview: This policy describes the purpose and scope of the firewall and IDPS policy. The firewall will be positioned between Pathways Industries internal network and the Internet. The firewall is an integral part in the security infrastructure of our company and covers both LAN and remote access through VPN configurations. This policy reflects initial configuration as well as options available for future scalability using Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances. The firewall provides protections against network intrusions by hosting intrusion prevention system modules to detect and prevent traffic that would disrupt the normal operations of the company. These security features will be configured to offer the greatest protection while allowing Pathways Industries personnel and their partners efficient access to the
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