Firewalls: Preventing Unauthorized Access Into a Network

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Firewalls are used in businesses to help prevent attacks, mitigate security issues, and provide a sense of known security for the organization. Firewall characteristics are generally the same from firewall brand or vendor to another in that they provide authorized access only into a network. This review will look into the common security features that are present within firewalls and how they are used in daily functions to help prevent issues that threaten organizations. Firewalls work by preventing unauthorized access into a network by monitoring and enabling / disabling traffic via security policies and procedures. Grimes states, “Firewalls work by inspecting and filtering packet traffic between two networks. Firewalls are categorized…show more content…
Firewalls feature a widely used characteristic of service control, where policies can be established that either authorize or prevent various forms of Internet access for the network it is protecting. This type of feature is widely used by IT managers throughout businesses and organizations to help prevent employees from accessing sites that they should not while at work. For example, policies can be established to prevent access to certain social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or others by denying access to their website url’s. Other advanced filtering mechanisms could include blocking pages that mention those words rather than just the URL completely. The filtering service that the firewall provides can block the traffic based on url (host), IP address, port, etc. Newer firewalls feature characteristics that will allow outbound traffic to be monitored and protected as well. “An inbound firewall prevents Internet attacks such as hackers from coming into your computer. Any suspicious or unauthorized communications are filtered by the firewall. However, if these threats get through your firewall your personal data could then be transmitted back out to the hacker. To catch these thieves on their way out your firewall must be capable of automatically blocking unauthorized outbound communications” (ZoneAlarm, 2014). As the global workforce is
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