Firewood the Burns the Hottest and the Longest Essay

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Firewood that Burns the Hottest and the Longest

Does the species of wood affect the rate at which it burns and how much heat it gives off?

If the burning time and heat temperature relies on the type of wood, then oak and maple should burn the longest and give off more heat because they are dense hardwoods.

The terms hardwood and softwood refer to the density of wood, how hard it is, and how much weight it has. A dense hardwood like oak or maple has high energy content per cord, so it releases more heat and produces long-lasting embers. Hardwood is the best type of firewood for long lasting warmth and cooking but can sometimes be hard to ignite and split
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Fuel is a less combustible material that burns slow and steady once lit, like tree trunks, coal and oil. To start a fire, first the tinder is lit on fire. Then the kindling on top of it catches fire. When the kindling produces enough heat, the fuel will catch on fire. When all three ingredients are present in the correct amount, oxygen, heat, and fuel will start a fire and keep it burning.

Materials: * Three 8 inch pieces of pine * Three 8 inch pieces of spruce * Three 8 inch pieces of cedar * Three 8 inch pieces of maple * Three 8 inch pieces of red oak * Stopwatch * Metal oven Thermometer * Recording sheet and pencil * Fireplace

Procedure: 1. Gather the 5 different types of firewood and materials 2. Place thermometer in the fireplace 3. Place one of the 8 inch pieces of wood into fire place 4. Start gas logs fire to ignite the piece of wood 5. Start the stopwatch 6. Turn off gas after 2 minutes 7. Measure and record the highest temperature 8. When wood has burned completely, stop stopwatch and record the time 9. Remove burnt piece of wood and restart at step 3 with next piece of wood

Results: Firewood Heat Temperature and How Long It Takes To Burn Wood | Hottest Temperature | Burning Time | PineTrial 1Trial 2Trial 3Average | Degrees Fahrenheit185190205193 | 7 min 35 sec7 min 52 sec8 min 8

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