Firms Should Get Their House in Order Before Seeking to Manage Supplier.

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Creativity and Innovation in Business Prof. Danny Araneta Cabulay Dean – Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” For most people, creativity is more easily associated with art than business. But the highest art form is business because one can be very creative, dynamic and revolutionary. Creativity is also related to innovation and change. I am fully aware that many of the things we see around us are products of minds of geniuses, creative thinkers. It is hard to imagine a business without a creative mind. A creative mind is essential in any type of business. When we get tired…show more content…
And finally, follow through skills ensures sustainability and development of initiated ideas. Can we really teach our employees how to be creative? Isn’t it hereditary? Creativity can be developed among employees when we do the following: a) Ask good questions. b) Get ample exposure. c) Network actively. d) Be a good listener. e) Share your ideas. f) Support good ideas. g) Don’t be contented with the first idea. h) Be more analytical. i) Consider risks. There are many simple but effective activities we can do in the company that yield results like increased revenues, enhanced public image, higher market share and lower operating costs. One activity is the dream exercise – an excellent way of awakening entrepreneurial minds of employees. One can create a scenario after another to provide some excitement in the dream itself. Another activity that can be done is the serendipity walk – a visually engaging activity that focuses on the environment, identifying problems within that environment and creating solutions to those problems. The most common activity companies have is brainstorming – a free-wheeling activity with the objective of producing the highest possible number of suggestions to a proposition. In brainstorming, there are no wrong ideas and modification is allowed. Our university, Far Eastern University has produced

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