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first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid.[1] First aid kits may be made up of different contents depending on who has assembled the kit and for what purpose. It may also vary by region due to varying advice or legislation between governments or organisations.

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[edit]Airway, Breathing and Circulation

First aid treats the ABCs as the foundation of good treatment. For this reason, most modern commercial first aid kits (although not necessarily those assembled at home) will contain a suitable infection barrier for performing artificial respiration as part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, examples include:

▪ Pocket mask ▪ Face shield
Advanced first aid kits may also contain items such as:

▪ Oropharyngeal airway ▪ Nasopharyngeal airway ▪ Bag valve mask ▪ Manual aspirator or suction unit ▪ Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff} ▪ Stethoscope

[edit]Trauma injuries

Trauma injuries, such as bleeding, bone fractures or burns, are usually the main focus of most first aid kits, with items such as bandages and dressings being found in the vast majority of all kits.

▪ Adhesive bandages (band-aids, sticking plasters) - can include ones shaped for particular body parts, such as knuckles ▪ Moleskin— for blister treatment and prevention ▪ Dressings (sterile, applied directly to wound) ▪ Sterile eye pads ▪ Sterile gauze pads ▪ Sterile non-adherent pads, containing a non-stick teflon layer ▪ Petrolatum gauze pads, used as an occlusive( air-tight) dressing for sucking chest wounds, as well as a non-stick dressing ▪ Bandages (for securing dressings, not necessarily sterile) ▪ Gauze roller bandages - absorbent, breathable, and often elastic ▪ Elastic bandages - used for sprains,

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