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Part One # - Assessment Task: PEFAP 001 Paediatric Emergency First Aid (1.1) Identified the responsibilities a of a paediatric first aider. The responsibilities of a paediatric first aider is to make sure that every person you attend to you have to make sure that you have comforted the individual, making sure that they are as calm as possible. This is to ensure that you can treat that individual as best as you can, it is important to act quickly and efficiently as possible. (1.2) Describe how to minimise the risk of infection to self and others The first thing you should do to minimise risk of infection to yourself is to wear new clean gloves as this stops any skin to skin hand contact with the individual. It is…show more content…
If a child was to suffer from shock I would place the child on the floor and raise their legs. Helping their blood circulation and I would place a blanket over them, making sure their body temperature is stable. Whereas if an infant was suffering from shock I would have them lie on the floor and make sure they were warm possibly placing a blanket over them likewise to a child suffering from shock. After treating for shock it is important to keep an eye on the child/infant to see if their signs and symptoms have improved. (7.2) Describe how to recognise and manage an infant and a child who is suffering from anaphylactic shock. Signs and symptoms of an anaphylaxis shock are swelling of the lips, tongue, neck, face and eye area. Other signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis shock can be the individuals breathing they could often find it incredibly hard to breathe as their airways would be swollen from the allergic reaction. The person experiencing the shock could appear to have a red rash on the skin. Your first reaction to a child or infant experiencing an anaphylaxis shock is to call for an ambulance and to take note of the time if possible, the child or infant has an epi-pen then you should follow the instructions on the epi-pen packaging. The epi-pen is used to release a small amount of adrenaline, it

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