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The First Amendment Freedom is being breached all over the U.S and most of it is being taken away from the press. Sure the Patriot Act is killing everyone's privacy in secrecy all over the US, but journalists and reporters are being put in jail right and left. The government has infringed on their rights in a way that should not be with the first amendment. It seems like the more people let the government do, the more steps the government takes to take first amendment rights from people. For instance the secret spying on people from government organizations, the quiet protest of a man who was brutally beat and sent to jail, the beginning of punishment comparison to a communist country, and the severe punishment of a man who would did…show more content…
Freedom of press, even in the case that it hurts the government it still takes rights away from the printers who just want to inform the people. The government has also made it easier to spy on random people. "Without benefit of warrants from the special court set up to make sure such domestic spying is necessary and lawful." Which basically means people can be searched without even a warrant. Another right taken from the government from the patriot acts, in people having their privacy thrown in the trash. One victim of rights being taken away would have to be Tariq Khan. "He held literature and wore a sign stating, "Recruiters lie. Don't be deceived." Was all that Tariq Khan was doing near a college university. "Campus police arrived, Tariq Khan was unable to produce identification, a scuffle ensued, and the student, bruised and bloodied, according to one news account, was taken to jail." Obviously freedom of speech was taken away from Tariq as the police beat him. The real question is why could Tariq not be able to express his right to speak to other people. Just because the event would not benefit the military he is doing it on behalf of himself and no one has to listen to him. "He will appear in court on Nov. 14 on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and trespassing." Jail time the price that is done for expressing himself. What person should take the right to say what they want in public away from them? There were no

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