First Born Child Analysis

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Being the first born child in my family shaped the way I act and handle life. I usually have to do new tasks by myself without knowing anyone who has already done it before. Being the first born created a path for my sister to be more familiar with things I’ve already done. As I continue my journey, new experiences await me, and it’s up to my personality to get me through the real world. I’ve developed strengths, traits, and weaknesses just for being the first born. When reading characteristics of a first born child, I found a lot to relate to. Whenever I'm in a group and there's nothing being done, I tend to step up and lead the team towards a productive one. I set myself small goals in life and I very often reach them because I work hard for what I want. When I make a list of things I want to do, I would finish it faster than others. This would tend to help me on homework when a lot of assignments are due. I don’t find this adnormal, I just don’t like to leave things…show more content…
When I have a goal, I tend to be too focused on the goal and that causes countless opportunities to fly over my head. Because I’m so generous and cooperative, I can taken advantage of easily. There was a time when somebody keep postponing the day they would pay me back and I sympathised for him, so I kept agreeing to his proposals. Two years later, and no money was paid back. Since I’m a perfectionist, one mistake can cause me to lose confidence in whatever I was doing. When I’m too organized at something, I become less and less flexible with changes and that can cause some issues. I also become impatient with those who are disorganized, but I have the urge to help them not only for them but for my mind as well. None of my weaknesses cause too much trouble for those around me because I learn to manifest it towards achieving a positive result in the end. I may suffer in the process, but helping the helpless is just as
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