First British Settlers in Australia Essay

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When did the British settlers arrive at Australia?
The first fleet arrived at Botany Bay on the 18th of January 1788 which was later declared as an official prison. The Captain of the fleet, Captain Phillips however found out that the harbour was in lack of fresh water therefore was unsuitable for conviction. The fleet then redirected to Port Jackson which then marked the official first European landing on Sydney Harbour.
While setting up the official penal colony 751 convicts along with 252 marines were released and eventually given land to start a new colony. Later in 1790 and 1791 two more conflict fleets arrived along with the first free settlers in 1793. From 1788 the penal colony was officially set up with convicts, families and soldiers.
What did the two different kinds of people think of one and another?
The British thought of the Aborigines as ‘poor creatures’ with no fixed habitation. The British didn’t like the idea of living like a hermit and migrating from place to place so often. By speaking to some Aborigines they seemed pretty sure that they had a lack of privacy and that everyone had access to whatever they wanted. They were also very curious on why they would be wearing such little clothing and thought they were very disgusting people.
The Aborigines had no idea that ‘white skinned’ people existed before the settlers came. They thought the British were weird in their behaviour to one and another. The Aborigines saw them digging their graves, beat and…