First Century Jewish Concepts of the Messiah

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WAYLAND BAPTIST UNIVERSITY 1st CENTURY JEWISH CONCEPTS OF THE MESSIAH 1st CENTURY JEWISH CONCEPTS OF THE MESSIAH Religion as seen by many is a set of principles which gives you a purpose to live and lead your life. For others it is a force and a law which restricts their freedom and their choice of living their life. Despite how it appears to be and how it may be defined, there are several religions in the world such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and more. Each one of them may differ in the set of beliefs and the principles which they lay but all of these world religions preach some universal truths; spreading the message of love, abstaining from crime and doing no harm to the others. Since every religion has a whole new concept of dimensions worth studying, this paper focuses the religion followed by the Jews; Judaism. It might not be new if it is stated that religion was one of the major reasons behind the establishment of the state of Israel. In other words, the land of Israel was created to recognize Jews and give them a place to live and settle. However, apart from providing them shelter and safeguarding their rights, Judaism is a very old religion with a number of beliefs. Amongst the several principles of faith, Judaism is a monotheistic religion as they belief in the existence of One and Eternal God. Jews have a faith in the dead being resurrected and their holy book is the Torah. Moreover, their greatest prophet is Moses and they belief that there
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