First Century Women

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This information really tells me that women were treated poorly with respect back in the First Century because: • Women were considered unclean because they would normally give birth and do other tasks. • It was considered unnecessary for girls to go to school since they had no place in religion. • The wife would normally have to act as the subordinate to her husband which would mean obeying him and his rules. • Women were the people that did mainly household jobs e.g. making bread, making meals/supper, keeping the fire burning, retrieving water from the well and managing the children and the house.
They were treated in this manner because they had to abide by the rules.

This information tells me how the women were treated and how Christianity
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The Christianity really helped equal men and women's rights because Paul said to the men "To treat your wives like you would treat Christ with love and respect" and Christianity was spread and grew all across Palestine. After this was done the women got given mainly the same rights as men.

This information tells me that women were in charge of managing the house and drawing water out from the well. If the women had to leave the house to collect water from the well they always to be escorted by a male in public.

This information tells me about their everyday chores and what they had to do and what they couldn’t do. - Couldn’t do: • Divorce their Husband • They couldn’t go to school • They couldn't go further than the Court of Women in the Temple • They were exempt from certain religious
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