First Chibok Schoolgirls

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The first Chibok schoolgirl to be rescued from Boko Haram said her faith sustained her through the two years of captivity, and she is hoping that God will also save the rest of the girls as He had rescued her. In her first and exclusive interview with Thomson Reuters on Tuesday, 21-year-old Amina Ali said she just wants to go home and she does not know yet if she will go back to school. Ali, one of the 219 Chibok schoolgirls that Boko Haram militants are still holding captive in northeast Nigeria in April 2014, was rescued with her four-month-old baby in Borno state in May by soldiers and a civilian vigilante group. “I think about them a lot - I would tell them to be hopeful and prayerful,” Ali said of her captive classmates. “In the same way God rescued me, he will also rescue them.”…show more content…
Meanwhile, Ali refuses to talk about the day she was kidnapped, explaining that she cannot recall what happened at that time. However, she revealed that the Chibok girls were kept together for about a year after the abduction before some of them were “given” to Boko Haram members as

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