First Civilizations: the Peoples of Western Asia and Egypt

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History 111 1/31/13 The First Civilizations: The Peoples of Western Asia and Egypt Civilization is defined as "a complex culture in which large numbers of people share a variety of common elements". But what are these common elements? Many of the worlds first civilizations all shared a number of key characteristics that set them apart from early hominids. The development of citites and architechual monuments, which became the central point of matters such as economics , polictics, and new artistic forms began to flourish. These societies introduced religion and began to worships deities that they believed were key to their communties good fortune. Social hierarchies were introduced, kings and priests of the upper class oversaw those…show more content…
So here we have a society that bases many of their decisions on the gods that they worships. They have a heiarchy of power that they look to for guidance and protection. Their history was recorded using a picture signs and special characters called hierogylphics that were carved on walls and later on paper made from the reeds of the Nile. Ancient Egypt is a significant example of how societies began to come about and has clear components that put them in the catergory of a civilization. Finally we arive on the Assyrian Empire which consisted of a number of coquered territories. The Assyrian Empire were known as a military machine, employing new tactics such as iron weapons and war chariots to conquer their enemies in battle. It was this that made them so effective in times of war. They would lay waste to the lands they invaded in hopes that the tales of their carnage would travel to surrounding areas to scare those before they even thought of opposing them. Their conquerers viewed their power over the lands they oversaw to be absolute, but over time their subjects grew tired of their oppression and rebelled. The Assyrian Empire made many new innovations in ruling a society. Ruling with an iron fist was both the way they rose to power but also what caused their premature fall from it. To further support the stance that these societies can be considered civilizations you could use sources that
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