First Date Commercial

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Lady Gaga’s rendition of the National Anthem lasted approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds at this year’s Super Bowl 50. Many people placed bets on this. This is just one example of how the Super Bowl is about more than just football. People attend parties, place bets on all kinds of things, and watch pre-game stories hours before the game even begins. Even the non-football fans are drawn to the event because of the amusing commercials. Because the Super Bowl has such a large audience, companies spend billions of dollars on thirty seconds of airtime and bring out their best advertising gimmicks to reach viewers. This year’s commercials had some strange creatures and plenty of celebrities. Hyundai’s “First Date” commercial amused audiences with humor and celebrity Kevin Hart.…show more content…
The father greets the date at the door and generously offers the keys to his car for their date. As the young couple leaves, the father turns the “car tracker” on his cell phone, allowing him to know where his car and daughter are at all times. The date continues and her father appears throughout the night in amusing places where only the girl’s date can see him. Toward the end of the night, when the young couple is sitting in the car at a scenic lookout, realistically up to no good, the father appears on the bottom of a helicopter ladder hovering over where the kids are parked. The date spots him and gets worried that he will be in trouble; then, he cuts the date short and takes the girl home. When the young couple arrives home, the dad answers the door triumphantly because he has protected his little
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