First-Degree Murder Case Study

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When looking at First-degree murder in the State of Tennessee, the first expectation for evaluation for the criminal offense is there must be evidence of premeditation or the foresight that the act will take the life of another person (TCA 39-12-202). There can also be perpetration to commit the murder with the combination of another violent criminal act taking place before the murder such as rape, kidnapping, and other violent crimes (TCA 39-12-202). Another element of first-degree murder in Tennessee is the use of devices that are known to be deadly when used that when deployed in a criminal act will knowingly take the life of a person (TCA 39-12-202). There must also be sound intent in the rational understanding that the illegal actions used to take the life of another person; meaning that the individual must have the full knowledge of their actions before, during, and after the event (TCA 39-12-202).
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