First Floor Community Standards

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The first floor community standards have been written and discussed by the residents and mutually agreed upon. All residents are expected to follow and respect these standards at all times while in the hall. Bathroom Etiquette: 1. ALWAYS flush the toilet whenever you use it. 2. Clean up the shower if you make any type of mess. 3. Clean up the water after you take a shower or use the sink. 4. DO NOT throwaway food in the bathroom trash can. 5. If you shave, clean up your mess. 6. Keep the toilets clean. "If your bat isn't quite making it, step up to the plate." 7. ONE person per shower. 8. Stay clean and take a shower. 9. Wash your hands after using the restroom. Hall Etiquette: 10. Be respectful to your fellow residents. 11. DO NOT be naked
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