First Gulf War Analysis

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The first Gulf War 1990 - 1991 was part of the coalition forces. 35 states were led by the United States of America to fight against Iraq due to their invasion and annexation of Kuwait. The Gulf War also known as the “Persian Gulf War”, The Operation Desert Storm” or the “First Iraq War” was a very impressive display of military might. The countries that were part of this war was the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Bahrain, Oman, Argentina and many more .The Australians had a huge contribution to the first Gulf War 1 especially the Royal Australian Navy that provided the main Australian contribution to this conflict against Iraq. The combatants, events and significant individuals will all be highlighted due to time and assistance…show more content…
One man named Richard William Butler born on the 13th of May 1942, served as an Australian Public servant as a United Nations weapon inspector was a man that stood out before anyone else. Richard grew up in Sydney Australia and was educated at Randwick boys High School. He married Susan Ryan in 1963 and had both a son and a daughter. Butler joined the Australian department of External Affairs in 1965 and performed in a number of postings. After the Gulf war had finally ended the United States established a special commission to find and destroy all of Iraq's Chemical, Biological and nuclear weapons. Richard Butler led this commission between the years 1997 and 1999, this commission was very helpful as it was the final stop to the 1st Gulf war. Today Butler is still acknowledged for his work.

The Australian Contribution during the Gulf War will be something that will never be forgotten, without the Australians the final stop to the Iraq War wouldn't be possible. The Royal Australian Navy and our soldiers put up a fight to try to end this war and provided everything they could to help the United states save nations. During the Gulf War 1,872 Australians served and 0 died nor were
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