First Heart Surgery in Chicago

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ENG 102-751 #1/TH, 6:30-9:45 PM 25 July 2013 Research Essay/Historical Evaluation The First Heart Operation. 1. What doctors, in 1800’s were able to perform and achieve in the operating rooms? 2. How was the first heart operation performed in 1893? 3. How did Dr. Daniel Hale Williams career change after his first heart operation? July of 1893: As a new century…show more content…
Many of them were very unpleasant and for sure dangerous for the patient itself. One sources noted that: “Up until the late 1800s, most surgeries were done at patient’s home.”(Venezia 14) At that time, sanitation wasn’t “popular”. Many doctors or we may say, most of them, were performing their procedure even without washing their hands. According to source, Daniel Hale Williams, surgeon who opened heart and mind:” …at that time, most surgeons did not yet understand that bacteria and other germs caused infections. Some doctors would probe wound with unwashed hands and operate while wearing street clothes that weren’t sterile.” (Venezia17) That only proves again that mortality among people, was big one hundred years ago. Doctors, like Daniel Hale Williams, while running Provident Hospital, understood that to decrease complications after each surgery, a new habit of washing hands, before and after procedure, needed to be enforced immediately. It was supposed to prevent from unnecessary deaths, among his and other medical professionals patients. Another source states that: “Daniel learned about new methods to prevent these needles deaths, such as hand washing, sterilizing equipments, and spraying the patients and operating area with antiseptics.” (Venezia 17) This means
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