First Heart Transplants

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1 FIRST HEART TRANSPLANT PAPER God planted in every single human the desire to live, and knowing that, men have searched for so many ways to live a longer life. Knowing so many humans were dying because of their heart not functioning well and looking at others die with a perfectly healthy heart gave humans a great idea! The idea of saving people’s life through a heart transplant, something never on earth heard of but worth giving a try. The research of a finding a way to give a heart transplant to many people with heart diseases had begun. From the late 1700s until the early 1900s, many different scientist began gathering all types of information. Surgeons back then would transplant organs in the lab research, and many of those transplants…show more content…
It was in December that Lewis Washkansky was given more life by a group of surgeons. The face of Washkansky showed how proud he was after the surgery. I’m pretty sure that smile gave surgeons a motivation to continue to bless more people with their life giving techniques. 2 FIRST HEART TRANSPLANT PAPER Unfortunately, like any other subject there had to be more improvements in the transplant surgery. After the surgery, Lewis was prescribed medications to restrain his immune system and keep his body from rejecting the heart. Sadly after eighteen days of the surgery Lewis Washkansky passed away. Doctors say his heart functioned really well until the day he died. Lewis Washkansky gave surgeons the motivation to keep working on heart transplants because they were successful! Nowadays, doctors, scientist, all of us are searching for a way to live a longer or fulfilled life. We have heart transplants successfully functioning thanks to many scientist who worked hard to look over every small detail to come up with a perfect heart transplant. To this day humans keep searching for ways to make other's lives easier. All because God gave us the desire of wanting to live for
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