First Impressions Can Change It All Essay

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Fifteen seconds go by and you have already made a first impression of a person. The first impressions you get of a person might not always be who they turn out to be. It is about giving people a chance as shown in Pride and Prejudice. Pride and Prejudice is a book first titled First Impressions. Pride and Prejudice is a book where the characters make the plot and the novel itself. It is based upon the first impressions one character makes of another and the story revolves around this. First Impressions embody the themes in the novel. Mr. Darcy is one major character in which people make many first impressions of him and try to form him into the character they think he is. One person that makes such an impression of him is Elizabeth…show more content…
He carries his pride on his sleeve for everyone to see and everyone does see it. Mr. Darcy’s full of prude yet he is very loyal to his friends and those he cares about. Darcy always looks after his loved ones and makes sure they think of him as being a very good man, as he is. Darcy isn’t one to put his self first and people see that in him as shown by “He is the best landlord and the best master,” said she, “that ever lived. Not like the wild young man now-a-days who think of nothing but themselves. There is not one of his tenants or servants but what will give him a good name. Some people call him proud; but I am sure I never say anything of it. To my fancy it is only because he does not rattle away like other young men,” (Austen 184). Other characters see Mr. Darcy as a very good man. Although Elizabeth’s first impressions aren’t as up to what others are, those other characters praise him and look up to him. That is what the quote is explaining. It helps in supporting that Mr. Darcy is loyal and exhibits good breeding. Darcy’s positive influences ones that help in prosper but fall back on him, in a way saying that Darcy might take two steps forward but it will always cause him to take one step back. Although Darcy has positive influences, like any other person in the story he also has negative influences too. The influences he has positively seem to come back on him and affect him
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