First Impressions Of Dracula

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After reading the story of Dracula written by Bram Stoker in 1897, I had changed my perception of one character very drastically, the person being Count Dracula himself. The beginning starts off slow, but it slowly advances to the Count’s castle after being introduced to him at Golden Krone Hotel. The way he is shown to the readers is in the form of a letter that was sent to Jonathan explaining his means of transportation to the castle. The scene transitions to his castle and the impression of the Count that I get is that he is very formal and very high class. He shows these traits because he is very tall and wearing very fancy clothes making it seem like he is the person who seems very intelligent and crafty. He greets Jonathan and everything…show more content…
The Count enters the bathroom and Jonathan becomes frightened and cuts himself. The Count becomes very thrilled to see the blood and grabs him showing the readers the trait of violence and fierceness. This is makes me think that Dracula intentions are not good and that he is not trustworthy. Also, he seems very passive trying to hide a secret. This makes Dracula not look very good and because of other events in the story, he doesn’t have a very good reputation. This makes the readers very suspicious of Dracula and what is going on behind the scenes.

The final scene where I change my stance on Count Dracula is in the final fight scene in the novel. During the final fight, Dracula shows his true colors and displays how evil he is. Leading up to this point, he has killed countless people, stealing their blood for his own satisfaction. From the beginning of the story till the end, Dracula’s character has developed and changed to the point of where the readers can not sympathise with him because of what he has done. These are some reasons why my feelings towards Count Dracula had changed over the course of the
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