First Impressions Essay

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We all have been in a situation where we meet new people for the first time. Either enrolling in a new school, interviewing for a job, or just simply going to a party and meeting new people who happen to be at the party as well; our lives are filled with first encounters and we develop impressions about those people we encounter. To simplify the understanding a first impression is “like a Polaroid picture” (Flora,2004). They are brief snapshots that we use to gain physical knowledge about the new people we make. Along with the pre-determined values and ideas we conceptualize what a person may or may not be like. With a sheer glance at person we instantly have a generalization about a person without even saying a word. With these first…show more content…
Since John holds himself with large amounts of confidence and looks others in their eye, John is more than likely to attract good feelings from people. With the initial meeting resulting in a positive impression he has already set a good base for the remainder of the interaction. I feel that extrovert John is a good standard for people imitate to present a good impression. Since his first impression is mostly his physical appearance he does not have to worry about what people initially think about him. In the second scenario, John is portrayed as an introvert, “a shy person; a quiet person who does not find it easy to talk to other people” (Introvert,2012), or a person that is the exact opposite of an extrovert. This is not a negative quality; it is just portrayed as a negative in terms of first impressions. John in this scenario is reserved and prefers not to hold conversations with people. He even seems to go out of his way to avoid people, even the woman he had met the night before. Others may view Introvert John as a closed person, and in some ways not a very nice individual person. The first impression many will receive is that John is a loner or a person that is very rude. This is unfortunate for people like John because people will have negative feeling about him and he has not even said a word. Think about John in an interview situation and he sends messages that he is closed and shy. The

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