First Memories in the Tree House

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So the fact that the new house Ray’s family had moved into had one still somehow standing made him want to go up and check it out with his boyfriend. Joel, the boyfriend who Ray can’t stop talking about when he’s in a good mood, couldn’t care less about the tree house but he loved being there with Ray. They both chuckled when they saw an old table sitting in the corner and a few pictures on the walls. They were all photos of the house when it was done but no one was in them.
“This is cool. I bet you could fix it up to have its own wifi and make this your own little man cave.” Joel chuckled.
“I need new everything in this cramped tree.” Ray rolled his eyes. “Give me a couple more months I’ll be bumping my head on the ceiling!” He said as he heard a thump. He turned around to see Joel sitting on the far wall with his knees up and his back slightly slouched.
“So we have to build it up, like that’s such a big deal. I’m taller than you and I haven’t bumped my head yet.” Joel smirked over at his boyfriend.
“You’re smarter than me though.” Ray chuckled. “Also I’m not building shit because my parent will just think they can tell me to fix other stuff around the house then.”
“Then I’ll do it.” Joel told him. “I wouldn’t mind having a little… fuck what’s the British kid you hang out with calling his basement? A shag tent?” Joel laughed.
“Oh god. I don’t whatever it is he calls a “shag tent”.” He said shivering a bit at the memory of the…
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