First Mover or Fast Second Essay

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Introduction Innovation is a key factor in industry growth. Innovators can dominate competitors and new markets. In the article “Blue Ocean or Fast Second Innovation? A Four Breakthrough Model to Explain Successful Market Domination”, Buisson and Siberzahn (2010) highlight how the theories of the first mover and fast second are recognized as the primary approaches to achieving innovation and domination in the market space. Buisson and Siberzahn (2010), insist that neither of these two theories can fully account for market domination and offer research and a comprehensive literature review that to suggest and explain the assertion that market domination is achieved by using four types of breakthroughs either concurrently or separately.…show more content…
However, Buisson and Siberzahn (2010) point out that the first movers are not always market dominators and the available research/results are inconsistent at best. They attribute this reality to three basic theoretical flaws with the research on the subject. First, the research frequently omits companies that fail when examining the results of first movers. Secondly, studies focus on current leaders who frequently do not have a grasp on the entire industries history. Lastly, researchers artificially narrow the market by not properly characterizing competitors within the submarket frame thus excluding valid and active competitors with the market space research discussion (Buisson, B. & Siberzahn, P. 2010). To illustrate this point Buisson and Siberzahn (2010) offers the example of Gillette, which was not a first mover in the razor market but is commonly recognized as being so because of its disposable blades. They point out that in research provided completed by Goder and Teller in 1993 - Gillette was a follower and 12 years later research completed by Suarez and Lanzolla (2005) concludes that Gillette was a first mover. Buisson and Siberzahn (2010) take issue with the blue ocean approach altogether, emphasizing that those who create markets do not always dominate them, any differentiated product can enter the market late and become

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