First Muse Essay

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Francis Martinez Literary Analysis “First Muse” The story “First Muse” by Julia Alvarez tell us about her childhood in the Dominican Republic and her life in the United States. Since she started reading the thousand and one night book under her bed she saw herself reflected in the dark haired almond eyed girl on the book cover. Alvarez compared herself with the bright ambitious girl stuck in a kingdom that didn”t think female were very important. Scheherazade gave Julia the courage to explore the power of storytelling. When Alvarez came to the United States it was very difficult for her especially for a child who got teased on the playground because of her accent. Julia had a lot of obstacle in her life but she overcome all…show more content…
She promised to herself that she’ll learn English one day and she’ll come back and show them that she succeed. Everyone in Julia family suggested her to get married before she became a writer. Her mother and aunts told her “to be smart and get married while you’re still young and pretty and can attract a good man. Have your children while you’re still young and energetic and have the energy for children. You can always write” Julia family’s wanted her to has her family before she became a writer. Julia got married twice and before she turned thirty she was divorced. Both marriages were brief. When Julia was married she didn’t write a lot, but Scheherazade was there in her head causing trouble, waking her up in the middle of the night with her stories of the life she could be leaving if she trusted herself, if she became her own women, if she followed her heart’s desire and brought forth what was inside her to brief forth. Ten year after her second marriage happiness surprised Julia, she knew the man who became her third husband. The true companero for the women she had become. The “first Muse” by Julia Alvarez show us that we have to overcome our obstacle in order to get successful. Julia had to deal with a dictatorship and bullying at her school but that didn’t stop
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