First Nation Community : A Part Of The Community

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HUPACASTH FIRST NATION As a part of the community case study, we selected the Hupacasath First Nation community first nation that situated in the Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They are just one among the First Nation communities, who suffer a lot to survive in this materialistic world. Even with all we already know about the Native people and culture, it is a very interesting topic for us and we are very eager to learn something new about them. When we started the case study, we could understand that, it is a broad topic and we have a lot to learn about the Hupacasath First Nation community. Besides, one of our group members is also interested to work with native people and has a passion to the Indigenous culture, which guided us to…show more content…
The territory consists 229,000 hectares of land and the boundaries are basically the mountains situated in the Alberni valley. The three tribal groups united together and made up the Hupacasath First Nation community, to become stronger before Europeans came there. They made Kanaawis, as their tribal chief who was a strong warrior at that time. So the Hupacasath First Nation people has a well fighting history with several great warriors made their community strongest. The Hupacasath First Nation people also lived in Alberni with their own traditional way, before the emergence of Europeans into the island who brought changes to the place. The area is blessed with rich forests and the people were doing hunting and fishing as the main source of income. The Native Indian people lived a good quality of life on their own way by celebrating, gathering and pot latching (a traditional ceremony of North American Indian people to show their wealth and increase the prestige by giving and taking possessions). There are mainly five reserves in the Hupacasath territory and they are Ahahswinis, Kleekoot, Cous, Chu-ca-ca-cook and Nettle Island. Nettle Island is now called as the Pacific Rim National Park which is a well-known place for hunting and fishing by the tourists. Besides, these areas are also blessed with medicinal plants and used by several years of time. The Community Intervention The identified community interventions are, the Hupacasath
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