First Nation Women Summary

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The colonial representation of first nation women is an evidence that the author provides to prove the dominance of European colonizers over Aboriginals. Ethnocentrism ruled European minds, they first arrived with ideas of what a women should be like and those ideas revolved around domesticity. The economic independence, political, spiritual and sexual rights of Aboriginal women shocked many European as women were not typically associated with authority. They saw them as a strong violation to the European ideas. Soon the judgement began and they classified them as either “noble savages” described as mate to European men or “ignoble savages” squaw drudge who lived brutal lives. Furthermore came series of regulations enforced by government to…show more content…
It explains furthermore the historical context that is hidden from my primary document. It mentions the true effects of European colonization on aboriginal lives. The primary document is an ordinance letter from Monsieur Jacque Raudot, the intendant of Canada, claiming order that the Panis (Aboriginals slaves) and Negroes (black slaves) that were bought will forever belong to their owners in Quebec April 13, 1709. Raudot refers to Aboriginal as savages in the letter, he states: “having good knowledge of how this colony would benefit if it were possible for the inhabitants to purchase savages known as panis (…)” (Raudot, 1709). The tone of discuss used emphasis the views of Europeans on Aboriginal people as they found their lifestyle to be abnormally thus enforcing their values and morals on them such as the Frenchification and the mission of Roman Catholic missionaries. The article also proves the abuse that aboriginal suffered, they were used for their knowledge and skills of the land and since Europeans were dependent on it, Raudot mentions in the letter the need of the panis people by the inhabitants of the country to cultivate the lands and any attempt to escaped would cost 50 livres fine. (Raudot
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