First National Park Essay

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the first national park in the united states was yellow stone. brought in march 1st 1872 by Ulysses S. Grant. it extends to Montana and a small part of Idaho but is mainly located in the state of Wyoming. 3,472 square miles is the area that it covers up and (8,987 sq km) is made up of various features like geysers, mountains, lakes, canyons, and rivers. Yellowstone also has many different types of species of plants and animals. the history of people in Yellowstone goes back to probably 11,000 years ago when native Americans started to hunt fish in the region. a lot of historians believe that these native Americans were a part of culture called the Clovis culture and made there arrows and Clovis tips and other tools they used out of obsidian.
Lewis and Clark
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army surveyor captain William Reynolds began exploring the rocky mountains. then the civil war broke out and the exploration of the park was interrupted until the 1860,s when it officially resumed. the Cook-Folsom-Peterson Expedition was one of the first detailed explorations of Yellowstone occurred in 1869. Washburn-Langford-Doane shortly after in 1870 he began a expedition surveying, collecting different plants and animals, also naming unique sites. after that one or following after, a writer and a lawyer from Montana Cornelius Hedges who had been a part of the washburn expedition suggested making the region a national park.

in the early 1870's there was much action to protect Yellowstone. very serious attempts to make Yellowstone a national park did not occur until 1871. a geologist Ferdinand Hayden completed a survey in 1871 and was named after him.the report itself finally convinced the congress of the united states to the region a national park before a private land owner bought the place out and taking it away from the public. Yellowstone finally became national park after President Ulysses S. Grant singed the act of
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