First Nations Of Canada 's Culture

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First Nations of Canada
ANT 231.002
Rachael Moore
Stephen F Austin State University

First Nations of Canada Introduction to the First Nations of Canada’s culture “The First Nations people are the status and non-status “Indian” or indigenous people in Canada” (Aboriginal, 2012). Thirty-two million people residing in Canada are indigenous or aboriginal. Currently there are “617 different First Nation bands with half being status Indians, 30 percent Metis, 15 percent unregistered, and 4 percent Inuit”. These First Nation populations are the “youngest and fastest growing populations of Canada” and therefore have a big significance and role in Canadian life (Anaya, 2014). When studying the Inuit, Pamela Stern and Lisa Stevenson learned about their culture and how it intertwined with the rest of Canada. They learned the Inuit have a closely-knit social system that people often rely on in times of unemployment or hardship. She also experienced seeing Inuit work in a labor-intensive job, gathering materials for basket making and found politically the Inuit aim to self-govern. In their government they have created a wide variety of programs to try and promote tradition and culture such as education programs that teach Inuit culture and language (Stern, 2006).
Introduction to the crisis facing the First Nations of Canada The First Nations of Canada is experiencing a current day health crisis of diabetes. According to Health Canada’s Diabetes

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