First People Research Paper

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The First Nation Peoples lived on the grassland of the Prairies, they were the first people to use the area for many resources. On the Prairies, the first Americans can get their medicine and food from the plants on the Prairie. They would burn the Prairies so they could beat the bison in a hunt. Bisons are the Native Peoples main source of food supply. Bisons were very important for the fur trade activity for the European town. The meat on the bison was theirs nutrition, the skin of the bison was used for clothing and shelter. Also, the bones and muscle became their tools source. The Prairie lands were the most fertile lands, the prairies could grow nearly anything for the First Nation food and medicine resource. Such as they grew and planted corn, wheat, and soybeans for their food source. The Natives would…show more content…
To warm the teepee up during the cold months of traveling, the fire pit was also useful for cooking. First Nations are known for their beautiful totem pole that is hand crafted and carved by First Nations. The pole of the totem pole is made out of red cedar. Totem poles were first made for telling stories and display animals and family ancestors. There are six main different types of totem poles, each totem pole is a representation of family history. Every totem pole has a unique story to it and is most likely to be one of the most recognizable cultural symbols. They would all go to the ceremony lodge or also known as the sweat lodge. There will be one person who is responsible for keeping the fire pit on and putting the hot stones in the center of the ceremony. These ceremonies lodge are mainly for spiritual cleanliness and healing. At the start of the ceremony, everybody would say their prayers to God or the Creator. During the ceremony everybody gets out the lodge and then goes back in to prevent health hazard. When the ceremony is over and everybody said their wishes a feast would be
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